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Thursday, June 2, 2022Ingredients

Reminder: new hair dye bans/restrictions come into force

Rappel : entrée en application de nouvelles interdictions/restrictions de teintures capillaires

On this 3 June 2022, new bans and restrictions under EU Regulation 2020/1683 come into force for several hair dye ingredients. This is the last stage in the implementation of the provisions of this text. Reminder of the new obligations.

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Regulation 2020/1683 of 12 November 2020 amended the regulation of 10 hair dye ingredients.
New restrictions have already entered into force since 3 June 2021 for six of them.

Three have joined Annex II to the Cosmetic Regulation and are therefore banned since 3 September 2021 for new products placed on the market.
As of 3 June 2022, this ban, which applies when used as a substance in hair and eyelash dye products, is extended to products made available on the market. All products containing these substances must therefore be removed from the market:
• 1,2,4-Trihydroxybenzene (CAS: 533-73-3, CE: 208-575-1, INCI: 1,2,4-Trihydroxybenzene)
• 4-Amino-3-hydroxytoluene (CAS: 2835-98-5, CE: 220-620-7, INCI: 6-Amino-M-Cresol)
• 2-[(4-Amino-2-nitrophenyl)-amino]-benzoic acid (CAS: 117907-43-4, CE: 411-260-3, INCI: 4-Amino-2-Nitrodiphenylamine-2’-Carboxylic Acid)

On the other hand, six ingredients are subject to new concentration restrictions:
• Dimethylpiperazinium Aminopyrazolopyridine HCl (CAS: 1256553-33-9, CE: 813-255-5): 2% (calculated as free base)
• Methylimidazoliumpropyl P-Phenylenediamine HCl (CAS: 220158-86-1, CE: -) : 2% (calculated as free base)
• HC Orange No.6 (CAS: 1449653-83-1, CE: -): 0.5%
• Acid Orange 7 (CAS: 633-96-5, CE: 211-199-0): 0.5%
• Tetrabromophenol Blue (CAS: 4430-25-5, CE: 224-622-9): 0.2%; after mixing under oxidative conditions: 2% (calculated as free base)
• Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf / …

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