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Aluminum in cosmetics dangerous to health (Afssaps)

L'aluminium dans les cosmétiques dangereux pour la santé (Afssaps)

The potential toxicity of aluminum in cosmetics has been a concern for several years. Often accused of promoting breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, he was the subject of an assessment by the Afssaps regarding his job security. The Agency has just published its conclusions in an expert report published on 17 November 2011. Conclusion: the risk exists and consumer health safety is not ensured.

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The issue has been studied by French health authorities since 2000. In 2003, a first report was published highlighting the lack of relevant data on dermal absorption of aluminum from cosmetic products. It was then impossible to conclude on the risks associated with the use of products containing them.

The assessment published today takes into account two new data: a dermal absorption study provided by the cosmetics industry, and a synthesis of toxicological data, partly based on the recent opinion of the European Food Safety Agency.

The risks

After repeated-dose administration of aluminum, this new report states, neurotoxic effects as well as effects on the testicles, embryo and nervous system development are observed in animals.
Effects in humans (neurotoxicity, bone damage, anemia) are known in chronically exposed renal insufficiencies as well as in premature infants fed by parenteral route.

On the other hand, animal studies do not show any carcinogenic potential. Nor can epidemiological data establish a conclusive link between dermal exposure to aluminum and the development of cancer.

Even if the fate of aluminium after dermal exposure is very poorly known, the Afssaps reminds us that it is widely distributed throughout the body, can reach the brain and cross …

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