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May 21, 2019Ingredients news

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Peaked face, dull complexion or a tired face are all skin issues that consumers face. To provide solutions, Codif focused on the internal functioning of the cells. At in-cosmetics 2019, the ingredient supplier unveiled its latest innovation: an algae-based active ingredient that fights cell senescence and therefore signs of fatigue.

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For several years now, Codif has been working on mitochondria, granules of the cytoplasm, which are essential for the cell’s energy reactions and allow its waste to be recycled.
Problem, when they are non-functional, they no longer perform this cleaning role (called mitophagia). The cells age faster, they are senescent.

To stop this phenomenon, Codif wondered how to relaunch and increase the mitophagic performance of cells.
To do this, the ingredient supplier was interested in the virtues of the violet microalgae, Rhodella violacea, which is highly resistant to oxidative stress.
“Grown in photobioreactors where it is repeatedly subjected to severe oxidative stress (exposure to hydrogen peroxide), Rhodella stimulates its intracellular defences and reacts by producing a protective exopolysaccharide”, explains Laure Matelon, sales manager at Codif. "By jointly reactivating the recycling processes of mitochondrial waste and the mitophagic performance of cells, Detoxondria improves tissue oxygenation and complexion brightness; and reduces skin fatigability and signs of fatigue."

In addition to this, Codif promises immediate visible results. “We observe a better oxygenation of the skin from 24 hours”, adds Laure Matelon.

This is an essential criterion for the ingredient supplier at a time when the consumer is constantly looking for instantaneity.
Detoxondria is a 0 ...