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Natura-Tec reveals the beauty of the natural

Natura-Tec révèle la beauté du naturel

Natura-Tec, specialized in the development of natural and eco-responsible cosmetic ingredients, presents its two latest launches: a cocktail of micro-algae to enhance the glowing beauty of mature skin, and two new alternatives to silicones that complete the Plantsil range.

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Marine BlueRevelation 50+™

Today, we see change in mentality. Ageing with elegance becomes the new standard with the need to do everything possible to progress in the years with confidence. In this quest for the radiance of beauty, mature women expect cosmetic products with sensoriality and also with intelligent efficiency. Natura-Tec Marine BlueRevelation 50+™ takes up these challenges.


A powerful cocktail of Brown Diatom and Green Eustigmatophyceae extracts, Marine BlueRevelation 50+™ is providing an integrative approach to enhance mature skin beauty, intensively moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing the skin while acting on cutaneous density and elasticity.
This active ingredient is concentrated in Omega-3 and Omega-6:
• EPA (Omega-3) protects from UV damage in the skin. It increases collagen and elastic fibers expression
• ETA (Omega-6) inhibits inflammation, augments stem cell proliferation, restores normal lipid-derived signaling molecules and prolongs life span
Also rich in sterols such as cholesterol, beta-sitosterol and tocopherol, known to accelerate skin barrier’s recovery, improve skin elasticity and promote hyaluronic acid biosynthesis in fibroblasts, Marine BlueRevelation 50+™ is ideal for mature skin.

Tests results

An in vivo test was carried on 30 volunteers of 55 years old on average.
They tested a formulation containing 1,5% of Marine BlueRevelation …

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