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March 19, 2018Cosmetics news

2018 U'Cosmetics competition: prizewinners Add to my portfolio
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Winners of U'Cosmetics 2018

On March 15, the jury of the U’Cosmetics competition, which was dedicated to up-cycling this year, attributed their awards to the teams that presented the most interesting projects in two categories: Innovative Concept and Formulation. Beware, they may be the cosmetics we will all use tomorrow! And the winners are…

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All in all, four prizes were awarded on March 15: two in the ‘Innovation Formulation’ category, and one in the ‘Innovative Concept’ one, in addition to the traditional ‘Coup de Cœur’ of the organizing team.
On the fringe of the colloquium dedicated to up-cycling, the finalist teams of the student competition displayed their projects and presented them in front of the audience and the jury. The quality of their files and the cosmetic interest of their products convinced the jury to make their decision.

Innovative Concept Category

Les 4 Saisons

• Creators

Sara Lesink, Brunehilde Storme, Léa Mallet (ISIPCA - Versailles, France).

• Project

Concept: a natural moisturizing solid cream enriched in plant-biomass-derived actives according to the availability of farming resources during every period of the year. Les 4 Saisons is a solid cream featured in ephemeral paper-based packaging displaying the decoration or fashion upcycling idea of the month. Soaked with perfume, the paper is slowly consumed, diffusing a pleasant scent.

Innovation Formulation Category

First prize: Coffee Me Up

• Creators

Maria Aritzidou Konstantina, Christina Kesente Maria, Zoi Makri, Eleni Kikidou (National and Kapodistrian University – Athens, Greece).

• Project

Tons of coffee beans are being processed daily and during this process, tones of coffee’s by-product are produced too. These were found to be rich in polyphenols and caffeine. Coffee me up is a line of natural beauty products with antioxidant, anti-pollution key claims with upcycled by-products of the coffee processing and thus exploit this huge waste of silver skins and transform it into something beneficial and beautiful for the skin. The cosmetic line consists of 3 face care products that will protect the skin from free radical damage and environmental stressors, preventing premature signs of aging. Multi-functionality, efficacy and love to the people and the nature, are the soul of this line. In details the products are: 1. Coffee Me Up MASK: a soft, creamy mask that revitalizes dull, tired skin 2. Coffee Me Up ESSENCE: a lightweight formula that provides powerful protection against free radicals and brightens the skin

Second prize: Jelly Dreams

• Creators

Emma Gutknecht, Caterina Tosati, Lyna Janvier, Guillaume Douady, Cassandra Delage-Navarro (École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie (ENSCM – School of Chemistry) – Montpellier, France).

• Project

Jelly Dreams is meant to be as close as possible to its zero waste and nature preservation values. For example, nut was chosen as an active so it could be valorized as a whole. The range currently features two gels: an exfoliating and a moisturizing gel adapted to all skin types. All parts of hazelnut are used, some as a basis for making the necessary spatulas for collecting the jellies in their pots.

Coup de Cœur Prize

Pépin Divin

• Creators

Amandine Aurégan, Flora Gaignard, Marie Guyader, Camille Lott (Catholic University of the West (UCO) – Guingamp, France).

• Project

An exfoliating body stick only based on three vegetable butters, this product scrubs the skin thanks to grape marc, an upcycled exfoliating agent derived from vine, and leaves a light, pleasant film after each use. It stands out with its unique stick application that makes it easier to use in the shower, but also with its Cosmos-certifiable, minimalist formula.

The theme of the 10th edition of U’Cosmetics will be “art” and how it can inspire the cosmetic making…

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