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Acnesium by Silab: the daily care for acneic skin

Acnesium de Silab : le soin quotidien des peaux acnéiques

Acnesium is a purified natural active ingredient, obtained from the pericarps of immature pomegranates, developed specifically to prevent the clinical signs of slight to moderate acne. Novel models in vitro and in vivo have been used to highlight its efficacy and mechanism of action.

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Acne is a chronic multifactorial pathology characterized by the appearance of non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions, mainly on the face and to a lesser extent on the body. It is one of the most frequent reasons for appointments with dermatologists worldwide. Recently, epidemiological studies have highlighted a high prevalence of acne in adult women (25 years and older), with approximately 40% of women affected. This form of acne is therefore a major problem that is rapidly evolving.
Acnesium, the second launch product of Silab Softcare department, is a natural active ingredient dedicated to the treatment of skin suffering from slight to moderate acne.


Acnesium is a natural active ingredient obtained from the pericarps of immature pomegranates (Punica granatum). SILAB has demonstrated that the pericarp of immature pomegranates contains a rich and complex mixture of polyphenols whose interest for the optimal and transversal treatment of slight to moderate acne has been shown.
The Punica granatum supply chain of Silab aims to control and ensure the traceability of the raw material and to secure its supply. Work has been done in close cooperation with producers in order to precisely define the contract conditions of cultures and to guarantee standardization of the quality …

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