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Monday, November 20, 2023News

An ED Lists update

Mise à jour des ED Lists

Since 2020, the “Endocrine Disruptor Lists” website, developed and maintained by five national authorities in European Union Member States, lists substances known or suspected to act as endocrine disruptors. It has just been updated.

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This website was set up at the initiative of the competent authorities in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark, joined in 2021 by Spain. Its main aim is to provide information on the status of substances identified as endocrine disruptors or under evaluation in the EU for their endocrine-disrupting properties.

It comprises three lists, which are updated regularly.
• List I: substances identified as endocrine disruptors at EU level.
• List II: Substances under assessment for endocrine disruption under EU legislation.
• List III: Substances considered by a national authority to have endocrine disrupting properties.

With regard to the substances on these lists that may be used in cosmetics, the update that has just been carried out concerns only salicylic acid: following the final Opinion of the SCCS, the substance has been removed from list II (but remains on list III).

The next update is scheduled for Q1 2024.

List updates - November 2023, Endocrine Disruptor Lists, 10 November 2023

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