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Lipoid Kosmetik revisits yoghurt for sensitive skins

Lipoid Kosmetik revisite le yaourt pour les peaux sensibles

Yoghurt is seen by consumers as a healthy, tasty food full of nutrients, including prebiotics. Lipoid Kosmetic has taken this positive appreciation as a starting point for the development of a new active ingredient for the treatment of sensitive skin, Yogurtolin, which has proven its ability to restore the skin’s microbiome and barrier function, while providing a sensation of freshness and soothing.

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The benefits of yogurt are so universally recognised that many health-conscious people have made it a daily habit. It is the process of obtaining it, the fermentation of milk by specific bacteria, which gives it its richness in probiotics, the bioavailability of its proteins, as well as its content of nutrients such as calcium, vitamins D and B12, potassium or magnesium.
The popularity of probiotics is fuelled by the interest of scientists and the public in the human microbiome, the ecosystems that are formed by the interaction of bacteria and other microorganisms in the body. This trend is now spreading to the cosmetics industry and the skin microbiome.

The interplay of the skin microbiome and skin sensitivity

The complex ecosystem of microorganisms that live on our skin is crucial for the way the skin looks, feels and functions. With approximately one million bacteria per square centimeter of skin, our skin microbiome builds a strong microbial barrier, and thereby plays a vital role in keeping our skin healthy, free from sensitivity and even disease.
Skin hydration and natural sebum production provide nutrients to bacteria and are therefore important factors enabling colonization of human skin by microorganisms. Populated by both, “good” and …

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