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Monday, November 15, 2021News

Skin'Calm by Berkem: the new anti-maskne active ingredient

Skin'Calm de Berkem : le nouvel actif anti-maskné

According to a study by the NPD Group, sales of facial care products for acne or blemishes rose by 32% between 2019 and 2020. This increase can be explained in particular by the stress and the wearing of masks linked to the health situation, known as the “maskne effect”. Resulting from controlled French sourcing and certified organic, the acacia extract at the base of Berkem’s Skin’Calm active ingredient is directly aimed at this market.

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Skin sensitivity is caused by cutaneous hypersensitivity and results in irritation, redness, repetitive signs of dermal discomfort such as tingling, tightness or burning sensations, a skin flora and pH imbalance affecting the hydrolipidic layer and the barrier function.
Wearing a fabric or surgical mask creates a warm, humid and occlusive environment for the skin. This, combined with the mask rubbing on the skin, results in an increase in sebum production. Redness, spots and acne can often arise, commonly known as the “maskne effect”.

Soothing, Skin balancing, Anti-imperfections

Skin’Calm is an acacia extract of flowers from Acacia plantations located in France, which the cultivation is controlled and certified organic. Rich in sugars (>15%) and polyphenols (>5%), it fights against some skin disorders by soothing the skin subject to dermal irritation caused by wearing masks, rebalancing its pH, and correcting imperfections by reducing the size of pores and improving skin texture.

Soothing effect

Skin’Calm’s soothing effect has been assessed by an ex vivo proteomic study. The modulation of cutaneous proteins was therefore studied in order to identify the proteins that were regulated.
The S100 family of proteins includes 21 proteins, 13 of which are expressed in the epidermis. S100 proteins facilitate signal …

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