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UEBT launches certification label


Although the cosmetics industry is doing well, it cannot be denied that it has been facing a climate of mistrust for a while. Consumers expect both transparency and ethics. And it is with this in mind that UEBT created their own certification label as a guarantee for ethical and respectful raw material sourcing.

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Today, many food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics companies use natural ingredients in their products.
According to UEBT, it is essential to implement sustainable sourcing methods to ensure the durability of these resources. The UEBT label was born in this context. The organization intends to provide volunteer companies with a roadmap to help them implement an ethical sourcing system.
’The certification of the ethical sourcing system confirms a company managed to integrate Ethical BioTrade practices to its natural ingredient sourcing and innovation systems,’ explains UEBT.

What commitment for companies?

Of course, brands should follow a few rules to get the right to affix the UEBT label logo.
First and foremost, they should be clear as regards the scope of application of the label. The idea is absolutely not to communicate about their whole business if the certificate only concerns a product range.
Of course, companies make commitments related to ethical sourcing as regards people and biodiversity by looking for positive impacts.
Transparency lies at the core of UEBT concerns, so companies should communicate on their ingredients and the actions they implement to be certified.
In addition, they should guarantee traceability throughout the chain, so that natural ingredients can …

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