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Tuesday, April 18, 2023News

Fedrigoni mobilizes for product traceability

Fedrigoni se mobilise pour la traçabilité des produits

The Italian packaging supplier has just unveiled solutions capable of guaranteeing the integrity, origin and traceability of products. Fedrigoni has designed labels, protective films and security papers.

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“Guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of products in the age of e-commerce is a challenge for brands. The originality and exclusivity of a product is the integrity of a brand, an expression of its quality and prestige. These values play a key role in consumers’ buying preferences. For us, it was therefore necessary to go further in this field by offering a complete range of paper products and self-adhesive materials for the protection of consumer goods,” explains the group.

To help manufacturers protect their products, Fedrigoni has developed several solutions:
• customizable films that, when removed, leave a design or text on the substrate and cannot be repositioned
• holographic supports that can be personalized with different levels of security
• security papers that leave traces if the package is attempted to be opened

Each solution is visible to the naked eye, to the touch, or detectable with specialized equipment.

“Authenticity, security and integrity of brands, products and packaging are economic and image issues,” said Michele De Pascalis, Product Manager of Security Products at Fedrigoni. “With this range, we intend to provide an effective and transversal response.”

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