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Wednesday, January 24, 2024News

Groupe Pochet and Maison Neyret unveil new decorating technology

Le Groupe Pochet et la Maison Neyret dévoilent une nouvelle technologie de décor

The two companies have joined forces to take glass bottle decoration a step further. Laser Tone is a technology that enables the bottle to be finely engraved. According to the Pochet Group and Maison Neyret, the possibilities for personalization are limitless.

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Unlike conventional lasers, Laser Tone can engrave glass with “infinite” precision.

This technology can be used to integrate functional elements such as logos, brand information or QR codes. This versatility enables them to express their identity in a distinctive way. The technology can be used on Pochet glass for various cosmetics packaging applications, and may be considered at a later date for the company’s other materials,“ explain the two suppliers. “Committed to a sustainable approach, Laser Tone is an environmentally-friendly solution, with reduced energy consumption and no consumption of materials. What’s more, the decoration, etched into the glass, is unalterable.”

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