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Tuesday, June 13, 2023News

The Pochet Group has just published its sustainability report

Le groupe Pochet vient de publier son rapport de durabilité

The packaging supplier has just put its eco-responsibility report online. It highlights the main stages and progress of the company’s sustainable development strategy.

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Since 2015, the group has embarked on a CSR policy. The company’s strategy focuses on four areas.

Protecting the planet
The aim is to reduce the environmental footprint of our sites and contribute to the circular economy. The Group has already reduced its water consumption by 70% and cut its CO2 emissions per item by 20%.
Emphasis is also placed on integrating more recycled and bio-sourced materials.

Adopting a collaborative approach
“We want to talk with our stakeholders,” explains the Pochet Group. “We organize a dialogue session once a year with our suppliers, customers and NGOs.”

Better consideration for employees
This involves making the working environment safe, promoting inclusion, eliminating the use of CMR products and encouraging diversity. The company is also committed to guaranteeing a high level of social protection for all its employees worldwide.

Preserving and transmitting know-how
The company is committed to promoting training and production in local areas to support their development.

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