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Tuesday, April 18, 2023Pack

Cosmogen dresses the new version of Pai's Feather Canyon serum

Cosmogen habille la nouvelle version du sérum Feather Canyon de Paï

The brand of natural cosmetics and labeled B Corp has just revised the packaging of its eye care Feather Canyon. The program: a new plastic PCR tube and a metal cannula for a very precise application signed by Cosmogen.

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The Needle tube was the one that caught Pai’s attention. Its very fine cannula allows the consumer to better target the area to be treated.

The PCR plastic skirt also appealed to the brand.
The tip and the tube are easily separated. The packaging is therefore 100% recyclable.

“We would never recreate a successful product if we weren’t convinced that we could make it even better with a real innovation. This newest version of our popular Feather Canyon is better for the skin and the planet,” said Sarah Brown, Founder of Pai. “It’s part of our commitment to continue to evolve our products and our business, and to be the first to make real changes wherever we can. Updating and improving our existing products is the best thing we can do in our industry, rather than continuing to add more and more similar products to our catalog to create a sense of renewal. The earth can’t take it and it’s unacceptable to our customers and resellers.”

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