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Tuesday, October 3, 2023Pack

From packaging... to highly desirable object

De packaging... à objet hautement désirable

While packaging is indispensable in cosmetics for its protective functions, it also generates pollution. Recyclability is one of the major issues for pack suppliers. Sarah Perrin-Mathieu, Open-Innovation Manager at Anaïk, explained to CosmeticOBS how to reconcile innovation and sustainability.

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On Wednesday September 20, a huge parcel arrives at the editorial office. It’s Anaïk’s latest collection, to be presented at Luxe Pack 2023.
Time to unpack. Inside are: a lipstick box, an advent calendar, a cubic red Plexiglas box, three cardboard houses, a pop-up case that can hold a bottle of perfume, and a paper Christmas bauble (which can also hold three small bottles, for example).

More than just packaging, these are real objects whose design has been carefully crafted. Once you’ve discovered them, you’ll have no trouble coming up with new ideas: the Plexiglas box can be used for jewelry, the bauble can decorate the Christmas tree, the calendar can be used as a treasure chest…
Sarah Perrin-Mathieu smiles at this return. “I’m delighted to see that you’ve succeeded in making the packaging your own. The primary aim of this collection is to meet the needs of our customers, and also to enable consumers to have useful objects in their hands, which can be reused over time and diverted from their original use.”

Creating with full awareness

“Anaïk is a mission-driven company and is B-Corp certified. Eco-design is part of our DNA. For us, this concept goes …

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