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Wednesday, September 7, 2022Pack

Recyclability of packaging: the number one environmental criteria for consumers

Recyclabilité d’un emballage : 1er critère environnemental pour les consommateurs

As consumers become increasingly demanding with regard to the environmental impact of the products they buy, Citeo has teamed up with Action Plus, a consumer research specialist, to analyse their perception of packaging in 2021. Since 2018, this study has made it possible to observe the evolution of consumer perceptions and expectations. This data allows companies and manufacturers to identify the levers to activate to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and better adapt to consumer expectations.

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Recyclability: a fast-growing criterion

88% of consumers are satisfied with the packaging they buy. Among the characteristics expected of a package, recyclability ranks third, just behind ease of opening and use, and has thus gained one rank and 5 points more than in 2020. This very strong progression demonstrates the ongoing transformation of behaviour towards more responsible practices.

The perception of packaging having a lower environmental impact comes, for 71% of consumers, from its recyclability, regardless of the product purchased. This figure has been rising steadily since 2018, reflecting the growing importance of this criterion in consumers’ perception of packaging. On the other hand, their negative perception of a package, from an environmental point of view, is largely due to the presence of plastic in its composition, according to 65% of consumers.

Beyond perception, the eco-design efforts of manufacturers are increasingly being noticed. According to the study, 40% of consumers feel that packaging has evolved in the direction of environmental awareness. This is 16 points more than in 2020.

High expectations regarding recyclability and reduction of packaging…

In concrete terms, recyclability continues to be widely expected by consumers: 44% of them would like to see more products with recyclable packaging …

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