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Hand creams with prebiotics

Les crèmes mains aux prébiotiques

Pre and probiotics provide a real plus in the defence of attacked and irritated hands, prone to atopic eczema. This winter, this trend is spreading to the best-performing hand creams.

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Every day, our hands are the first to be exposed to external aggressors (cold, irritants, thermal shocks, hydro-alcoholic gel, allergens and pollution) that throw the skin microbiome out of balance.
As a result, the skin’s natural barrier is gradually destroyed and our hands become more fragile.
Hand creams formulated with prebiotics and/or probiotics provide comfort and soothing to sensitised hands and strengthen the skin barrier. They help rebalance the skin microbiome damaged by hydroalcoholic gels and soaps, and protect damaged hands by wrapping them in an invisible second-skin film.

Gallinée was one of the first to offer a Hand Cream (50 ml, €12), formulated with probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics to protect hands after washing.
It repairs the skin barrier and helps support the skin’s irritated microbiome, with a light yet intensely repairing texture and a natural formula containing 94% ingredients of natural origin. It’s the cream for professionals who wash their hands all the time (nurses, doctors, make-up artists…).
It is suitable for dry, sensitive skin and hands prone to atopic eczema.

This winter it’s the turn of Garancia, Krême, Mavala and Ahava to launch hand creams formulated with pre- or probiotics.

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