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Thursday, July 21, 2022Products

Leave-in conditioner becomes mainstream

L’après-shampoing sans rinçage se généralise

Of course, it detangles the hair (the primary function of a conditioner!) by limiting breakage, but above all it does not use water and is therefore much more ecological! Other assets, it saves time and brings more care (because it stays on the hair). Packaged in spray, tube or bottle, it does not require any application time. No wonder this product is growing rapidly!

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Following the resounding success of Garnier Ultra-Doux’s first leave-in conditioners (Trésors de Miel leave-in conditioner for fragile and brittle hair, Merveilleux with argan oil and camellia for dry and dull hair, and Coco & Aloe Vera for all hair types, 200 ml, €4.50), many brands decided to release their own for the fall.
“When it comes to hair care, 80% of the carbon footprint comes from the use phase and the fact that we rinse the product, especially with hot water. We have designed a conditioner that can remove a step from the hair care routine, as there is no need to rinse it out. This gives the consumer more satisfaction, four times more nutrition for the hair and saves a hundred liters of water with each shampoo,” explains Adrien Koskas, Garnier Global Brand President.

If some expert brands distributed in hair salons already had their own, like John Masters Organics whose Hair Milk is both a care and a styling product (Rose and Apricot Hair Milk, no-rinse, 118 ml, €33.50), Bi-Phase GEN7 (200 ml, €19.30) or Aveda, the king of leave-in conditioner (Nutriplenish Leave-In Conditioner Spray for all hair types, 200 ml, €38, is one of their …

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