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Oppidum, a new brand of certified organic solid cosmetics

Oppidum, une nouvelle marque de cosmétique solide certifiée bio

Made in Tarn, with original ingredients and products such as mask soaps, Oppidum is an authentic, original and sensory brand, with strong commitments in terms of naturalness (water-free, 100% active formulas), as well as ecology (zero packaging).

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More than a fortified city, an oppidum is at once a gathering place, a place of protection where one can seek refuge, and a site located on high ground that offers a complete view of its surroundings.
This name was immediately obvious to its creators, Christophe Fargier and Jean-Christophe Gaven.

Oppidum reflects its name: welcoming and benevolent, respectful and virtuous.
The workshops and production site are located in Puycelsi, an ancient fortified place in the heart of the Tarn.
The company offers water-free care products, therefore without preservatives (why dilute formidably active plant ingredients with water?) which draw their strength from the plant kingdom and its infinite diversity (flowers, juices, resins, roots, fruits, leaves, bark, seeds…).

The highly concentrated, all-natural, certified organic (Cosmos Organic, Cosmébio, Slow Cosmétique) and vegan skin care products offer active synergies of organic plants (or wild harvested plants) that are not denatured and are preserved by gentle manual production.
All fragrances are natural.

Although the brand has strong local roots (all products are formulated, assembled, produced, packaged and shipped in Puycelsi, so there is no subcontracting), it also uses exotic ingredients such as the highly effective pure Amazonian dragon’s blood resin, found in the La Sève …

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