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La sexo-cosméto

Feminine and sexual well-being cosmetics are developing. After intimate hygiene products, here are the intimate care products (naturally all tested under gynecological control). Vulva balms, wipes, soothing sprays, edible oils and other libertine kits… are on the rise, just to spice up your routine! Between erotic and naughty tone and functionality, these cares celebrate the female intimacy without taboo.

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It all started in September 2021 with a (discreet) sex section at Sephora’s press day presenting sex toys and other intimate wipes. Then the Bon Marché Rive Gauche (via its Japanese Beauty Bar Bijo on the 1st floor) and Blissim also got involved.
The first one proposes the Waphyto Intimate Oil (30 ml, €92), ideal for massages of the most delicate zones and which allows to fight dryness with squalane and vegetable oils (macadamia, jojoba, apricot, argan, soya…). Ms. Morita, creator of Waphyto, is a pioneer of Femtech in Japan.

Blissim has just created a “wellness corner” where you can find expert brands such as Baûbo, Yesforlov, Miyé or Joone. Thus, Baûbo’s Organic Vulva Balm (50 ml, €15), rubs shoulders with Yesforlov’s Moisturizing Mixed Lubricant (100 ml, €24.90) or Miyé’s Moisturizing Rebalancing Intimate Gel (60 ml, €23). Certified organic, with a “discreet texture and not flowing, close to natural secretions, the latter soothes the intimate area and allows it to find better sensations.” Only that!

An ode to femininity

We could call them “pleasure cosmetics” and there is a certain liberation of the word, even for the most everyday care products. As evidenced by this Gentle Cleansing Care …

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