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A new natural anti-aging molecule for Chanel: the enzymatic active of melipone

Une nouvelle molécule anti-âge naturelle pour Chanel : l’actif enzymatique de mélipone

This new active ingredient reinforces the skin’s mesh and rehabilitates the skin’s “youth triangle”. It is found in the new anti-aging line Le Lift Pro by Chanel, which combines two facial treatments and a massage accessory.

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“The architect of your beauty”… it’s with this approach that Chanel has designed its new anti-aging line Le Lift Pro.
It consists of three products: the Contour Concentrate (30 ml, €155) with a silky, sheathing texture that redefines the contours of the face, the Volume Cream (50 ml, €150), remodeling and plumping, and a massage accessory (€79) with two tips (triangular and square) to smooth wrinkles, firm the skin and redefine the oval of the face.

At the heart of both facials is the enzymatic active ingredient melipone.
Its amazing properties were brought to light by Chanel in its open-air laboratory set up in Costa Rica since 2015. Produced in very small quantities by tiny melipone bees, this precious elixir with a singular, fluid and slippery feel caught the attention of Chanel scientists, who were intuitively convinced of its cosmetic potential.

Their analysis revealed a unique enzymatic composition, which gives it a unique anti-aging action. It is the active ingredient that has proven to be the most effective on the skin’s mesh, one could almost speak of a “cosmetic corset”.
Chanel experts, in collaboration with specialists from the University of Vienna, have demonstrated the impact of the accumulation of senescent …

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