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A new Pure Active for État Pur

Un nouvel Actif Pur à la Vitamine C pour État Pur

It contains 10% pure and stable vitamin C in its ascorbic acid form (the most active molecule, offering the best bioavailability, but also the most difficult to formulate). Particularly innovative, its anhydrous texture does not require an acidic pH and represents a feat in terms of galenics. Targeted against blemishes, it makes the skin more radiant and even. And as always, it is offered at an affordable price.

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It is the vitamin C cure that we all want in spring, perfectly dosed and formulated! Firstly because it can be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin (no risk of irritation because there is no acid pH). As ascorbic acid is particularly unstable when solubilized in water, the formula contains no water, no preservatives and no perfume (just glycols to facilitate spreading).

That’s why État Pur succeeded in stabilizing vitamin C, a real technical challenge! Bioavailable and multi-targeted (antioxidant, radiance, procollagen…), Actif Pur Vitamin C 10% is particularly indicated for pigmentation spots (it inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in pigmentation, and reduces oxidized melanins).
True to the État Pur philosophy (the right active ingredient in the right dose), its concentration guarantees its effectiveness and tolerance.

The texture has a subtle warming effect, designed for optimal penetration of ascorbic acid, and is applied morning and evening with light massages, locally on hyperpigmented areas, alone or under a skincare cream (Actif Pur Vitamin C 10%, 15 ml, €25, starting in February).

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