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Beauty with a pinch of salt!

La beauté qui a un grain de sel !

We knew the salt body scrubs but now it’s the face care or scalp scrubs that are the most important. With this beauty, we travel from Guérande to the island of Ré via the Dead Sea!

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Nestled in the heart of the salt marshes, Guérande Cosmetics (Science et Nature group) makes the most of all the natural resources present there: salt of course, but also “Eaux-Mères”, plants, seaweed, saltwort (red or green), clays…
The brand has created a new harvesting process for these resources, in order to extract the active cosmetic ingredients while respecting the balance of this unique ecosystem.

The care products, certified by Cosmébio, Eco Cosmétique and Cosmos Organic, are all formulated from a new active ingredient, with an exceptional mineral wealth: the upcycled “Eaux-Mères”, the “living” and residual waters of the salt flats, which were previously unexploited.
They are harvested at the end of the season, after 10 to 15 salt intakes, then purified by filtration to be stabilized, before being incorporated into cosmetic formulas, a delicate process that has been patented.
Loaded with active ions, not reproducible in the laboratory, they contain more than 70 mineral salts and trace elements and have a special affinity with the skin. A natural source of cellular energy, they have regenerating and soothing properties (in vitro measurements of ATP synthesis, cell proliferation and anti-redness activity in the presence of isotonic “Eaux-Mères”).

Among the …

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