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Tuesday, November 15, 2022Products news

Confession Red 0, the new 100% vegan refillable lipstick from Hourglass

Confession Red 0, le nouveau rouge à lèvres rechargeable 100 % végan de Hourglass

Hourglass goes 100% vegan with this new refillable lipstick in a deep red color that contains no killed insects. Confession Red 0 symbolizes the brand’s commitment to animal welfare.

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Since its launch, Hourglass has made animal welfare its spearhead, witness its latest Christmas palettes illustrated by Katie Scott and decorated with elephants, tigers or butterflies (Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palettes, €84).

The brand, bought by Unilever in 2017, is obviously cruelty-free and donates 1% of its profits each year to Non human Rights Project (an American association that works to defend the fundamental rights of animals), but it had promised to become 100% vegan.
Mission accomplished with its latest lipstick Confession Red 0 (for zero animal ingredients, zero insect injuries), from which the cochineal carmine (this red pigment produced from crushed female insects) has been avoided. It should be noted that 500 grams of carmine contain 70,000 insects, which means that there are nearly 1,000 insects in a single lipstick! Finding an equivalent alternative has been one of Hourglass’ biggest challenges in its transition to 100% vegan. This lipstick took three years of development (and 175 color trials) because the intensity of the carmine is very difficult to replicate with other ingredients. But the brand succeeded.

The special edition shade uses an innovative vegan ingredient, Red 0 (a patented blend of two red pigments), to deliver a …

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