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Thursday, May 30, 2024Products news

Firmness, the new slimness

La fermeté, nouvelle minceur

A 180-degree turn for the slimming category, which is clearly moving towards firmness this spring. Above all, women expect body care products to help them achieve beautiful, (smoother) skin and redefine their contours. These are undoubtedly more realistic promises than melting fat!

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The constantly evolving slimming market today focuses more on skin quality and body contours than on centimetric loss, with resculpting efficacy at its core.

Leading the way in this movement are body firming products from Clarins (Body Firming Lift Cream, 200 ml, €69; Body Firming Lift Gel for targeted areas, 150 ml, €58) and Institut Esthederm (Crème Absolue Minceur Fermeté, 200 ml, €65), complete reshaping treatments with an immediate tightening effect and comfortable, sheathing textures. … with a “lift” effect for Clarins, reminiscent of facial anti-aging, and draining benefits (a sensation of lightness on application) for Institut Esthederm.

Now it’s the turn of Somatoline Cosmetic, a leading player in the slimming market, to launch an entire firming range, including a Raffermissant Corps Crème Quotidienne (300 ml, €34.90), as well as a treatment for the arms (Raffermissant Bras Gel-Crème Lifting, 100 ml, €19.90) and a treatment for the bust and décolleté (Raffermissant Seins Crème Liftante, 75 ml, €19.90).
Raffermissant Corps improves elasticity and firmness all over the body, with a rich texture and a highly sensorial fragrance (a far cry from the somewhat “medicated” scents of the brand’s slimming products).
Containing anti-oxidant pomegranate, it stimulates fibroblast growth, prevents cell degradation and …

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