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Guerlain launches a new refillable Orchidée Impériale cream in 2022

Guerlain lance en 2022 une nouvelle crème Orchidée Impériale rechargeable

Orchidée Impériale La Crème or eco-responsible luxury… Not only is its new, more effective formula composed of 96% ingredients of natural origin, but its packaging is eco-designed and will become refillable!

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In 2022, Orchidée Impériale La Crème reinvents itself in a formula that features a new duo of prodigious orchids (Gastodia Elata and Dendrobium Fimbriatum, selected from more than 30 000) that help activate, and for the first time, extend the skin’s cellular longevity (in vitro test).
This power, captured from deep within their roots to the top of the plant, is concentrated in the new molecular extract, Orchid Totum™, which concentrates all the constituents of these two orchids. It helps regulate cellular respiration and targets a longevity enzyme at the source of skin’s youthfulness, to ensure continuous cell regeneration and mitigate the overall signs of aging. All this with a high level of naturalness (96%) and an exceptional texture, both rich and ultra-fine, in perfect symbiosis with the skin.

Finally, the entire packaging is part of an eco-design approach. The volume of the box has been reduced by 20%. The box is made of 91% recycled plastic.
The new glass jar, which evokes a precious pebble, is made from 40% recycled glass and, above all, it is refillable.
The weight and volume of the refill have been reduced by 45% and 50% respectively, thus halving the carbon …

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