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Monday, March 25, 2024Products news

Kérastase launches the Première range for all types of damaged hair

Kérastase lance la gamme Première pour tous les types de cheveux abîmés

This new ultra-deep repair protocol uses the power of layering for optimum effectiveness, giving hair remarkable strength, touch and shine.

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A number of factors cause damage to hair: colouring, bleaching, heat, UV rays, brushing, cold, etc.
If left untreated and unrepaired, damaged hair enters a cycle of persistent damage, amplified by the excess calcium present in hard water, which seeps into the hair’s surface and deep down.

To combat this damage, Kérastase created the Première line, which contains an unprecedented concentration of pure acids (up to 8% in the Decalcifying Concentrate), in particular citric acid, with its decalcifying power, which helps to neutralise the dull, stiff appearance of hair, and glycine, an ultra-repairing amino acid which penetrates the hair cortex, helping to reconnect the broken bonds between keratin chains.
As a result, breakage is considerably reduced, and hair regains its original elasticity and strength.

The range comprises six products:
• Ultra-Repairing Decalcifying Concentrate, Pre-Shampoo Rinse-Off Treatment (250 ml, €65)
• Repairing Decalcifying Bath, Repairing Decalcifying Shampoo (250 ml, €36)
• Repairing Fluidity Melt, Repairing Decalcifying Anti-Stiffness Care (200 ml, €48)
• Anti-Breakage Repair Filler Mask (200 ml, €61)
• Fondamental Filler Serum, Anti-Frizz Repairing Filler Serum, leave-on (90 ml, €59)
• Repairing Gloss Oil, Intense Shine Repair Oil, leave-on (50 ml, €49)

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