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La Rosée creates the first refillable lip stick in pharmacies

La Rosée crée le premier stick lèvres rechargeable en pharmacie

It nourishes and discreetly colors the lips (or not, it also exists in transparent) but especially it is refillable! It is the first packaging of this kind in pharmacies!

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La Rosée launches the first refillable lip stick in the pharmacy, transparent or tinted (Refillable Transparent Nourishing Lip Stick, €6.90. Refillable €5.80; Refillable Raspberry Tinted Nourishing Lip Stick, 4.5 g, €8.90. Refill €7.50).

The formula is composed of 100% natural ingredients to avoid ingesting harmful substances. It is 91% biodegradable.
Without water nor conservative, it is appropriate for the most sensitive lips like the future moms.
Strongly proportioned in shea butter, oils (castor, sunflower) and waxes (carnauba) vegetable, it nourishes the dry or damaged lips, repairs them and protects them.
The tinted formula is perfume and taste free, “for a perfect respect of the lips and not to get tired of it”.

The raspberry color is suitable for most skin tones. Only drawback, it contains carmine that the brand presents as a natural pigment (we should say “animal pigment”, in this case!) but which is probably from cochineal carmine, a tiny insect that is killed for the occasion, so the product is not vegan.

One final note, each refill saves 65% virgin plastic and 54% CO2 compared to a full lip stick.

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