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My first deodorant

Mon premier déo

Specially designed for the puberty period, these deodorants can be used from age 8 to 12. Clean and gentle, their aluminum-salt-free formulas (alcohol- and essential oil-free, sometimes vegan and certified organic), fragrances (often fruity) and packaging (necessarily eco-friendly) have been developed specifically for this increasingly coveted target.

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With the first hormones of puberty arriving earlier (between 8 and 14 for girls, 9 and 14 for boys), the sweat glands in the armpits wake up, and pre-teens and teens start to sweat under their arms.
In this key period of growth, the appearance of the first odors of perspiration can be embarrassing and even complex juniors. It’s time to adopt a deodorant for the first time.

Alvadiem was one of the first brands to offer a product of this type: Mon Premier Déo Soin with organic lavender honey (40 ml, €9.90), which combats unpleasant odors in children, naturally purifies the skin and preserves the cutaneous microbiota.
Harvested in Provence, organic lavender honey is rich in antibacterial peptides, and combined with prebiotics, it inhibits undesirable bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odors over the long term. Its soft, fruity fragrance leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and comfortable all day long.
Specifically formulated for the sensitive skin of children aged eight and over, it contains 98% ingredients of natural origin, including triethyl citrate (a safe and effective deodorant), corn starch to absorb moisture, sugar derivatives (rhamnose, glucose, glucuronic acid) to protect the microbiota, and tocopherol (vitamin E).
It offers excellent tolerance and …

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