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My nights are better than your days...

Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours…

On the one hand, a pillowcase made of mulberry silk fiber (in a precise density and weight, borrowed from the traditional weaving techniques of the Lyons silk manufacturers), on the other hand, aromatic care mists with silk proteins that boost skin regeneration and soothe the mind. The “silk care” was born, we owe it to Benu Blanc.

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It all started with a scientific observation and an idea dear to Dr. Gérard Redziniak: the skin is a multi-sensory organ. Its sensors see, hear, smell, feel, taste…
Hence the initial impulse: activate these multi-sensory sensors to boost its regeneration, recreating the strength and softness of the silk cocoon. Benu Blanc was born.

By combining the two components of the silk cocoon, fibroin and sericin, the skincare mists create an active molecular cocoon on the skin throughout the night. When the mist is sprayed onto the pillowcase, fibroin and sericin join forces again in a virtuous alliance. Moreover, sericin protects the aromatic molecules (the mists contain micro-dosed essential oils) and releases them gradually. Micro-encapsulation prolongs the effects of these active ingredients, while reducing the risk of allergy, which allows it to be used on more sensitive skin.

This technique has been patented. The mists are inseparable from the pillowcase, which was designed as a cosmetic care product and not as a textile. It is not only a support for the mists, it plays an active role in its own right. Sensory skin sensors feel the softness of the silk, its caress. It is a tactile pleasure, coming from …

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