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Thursday, April 18, 2024Products news

New foot care products

Les nouveaux soins pour les pieds

From serums to masks and socks with microencapsulated active ingredients, the new generation of foot care products is becoming increasingly specialised and specific.

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Expert, natural anti-callus creams

Containing 15% urea, centella asiatica extract, coconut oil, panthenol, aquaporins and a prebiotic, Laboratoire Dermatologique SVR’s new Xerial Fissures et Crevasses (50 ml, €12.50) repairs dry, cracked and badly damaged feet within three days. Fragrance-free, its formula soothes and moisturizes for 24 hours, and is perfect for people who stand for long periods or take part in high-impact sports such as running.

Alvadiem, experts in podiatry and beekeeping dermocosmetics, have created one of the first anti-callus products with an enzymatic action: Anti-Callus Cream (75 ml, €14.90), to combat hyperkeratosis, corns and calluses. What makes it special? It’s a natural, high-tolerance keratolytic treatment that can be used by patients suffering from diabetes or undergoing oncological treatment. It contains a unique complex combining royal jelly (to optimize skin repair) and an enzymatic active ingredient (prickly pear extract). It gently exfoliates the skin while respecting its natural cycle, helping to eliminate flaky skin, promote cell renewal and improve the cutaneous barrier. Plant-derived Viamerine, highly moisturizing and repairing, deposits a protective film on the skin.
With no urea or glycolic acid (active ingredients that are effective but not always well tolerated by fragile skin), this is the new-generation anti-callus treatment, …

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