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Wednesday, March 20, 2024Products news

Nivea reformulates its range of micellar waters

Nivea reformule sa gamme d’eaux micellaires

With record softness thanks to micelles coated with moisturising amino acids that help limit friction, Nivea’s new generation of micellar waters will reconcile all those who were angry with this product!

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Highly acclaimed by women for their rapid make-up removal efficiency, some may find them a little drying due to the frequent rubbing involved.
Not so with Nivea’s new micellar waters, which rid the skin of even the slightest micro-impurity or stubborn make-up particle, avoiding any rubbing or feeling of dehydration.

The brand offers four to suit all skin types and needs: Eau Micellaire Energy for dull, tired skin (400 ml, €4.70), which relies on a trio of antioxidants: vitamin C + cranberry extract + vitamin B3; Eau Micellaire Waterproof Expert, a two-phase texture that contains black tea extract and removes everything from waterproof mascara to lip inks (400 ml, €4, 70); Eau Micellaire Apaisante, enriched with Dexpanthenol for the most sensitive skin (400 ml, €4, 30); Eau Micellaire Douceur (400 ml, €4, 30) which contains sweet almond oil for dry, sensitive skin.

Thanks to the new Aminoacid complex technology, which combines cleansing micelles and amino acids, micellar water can literally take care of the skin.
On the one hand, micelles are well known in cosmetics for attracting, like magnets, the impurities they encounter on the skin’s surface. On the other, amino acids are used for their moisturizing and antioxidant properties, …

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