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Monday, April 15, 2024Products news

Nooance launches Élégance, Daily Sun Care SPF 30/UVA 50

Nooance lance Élégance, Soin Solaire Hydratant Quotidien

This “reverse sunscreen”, with its higher UVA than UVB filtration, is a godsend for all those who want to preserve their youthful appearance and look for an immaculate, spotless complexion! It’s a first!

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UVA rays are responsible for pigmentation spots, the destruction of collagen and elastin, and (like UVB rays) for premature skin aging. With their longer wavelengths, UVAs penetrate deeper than UVBs, reaching the deepest layers of the skin. As they pass through glass and are present all day and all year round, it’s important to protect against them 365 days a year.

Nooance’s Soin Solaire Hydratant Quotidien Finition Mate SPF 30/UVA 50 Élégance (50 ml, €45) is one of the first to feature UVA filtration that is higher than UVB filtration. It ensures daily defense of the skin all year round and, thanks to this high UVA protection, effectively blocks the rays responsible for premature aging of the skin, preserving its youthfulness and beauty over the long term.

Its semi-thick texture offers an optical blurring finish to reduce the appearance of pores and irregularities, with a non-greasy, non-sticky finish that leaves no white marks on the skin.

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