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Wednesday, April 27, 2022Products news

Novexpert launches an anti-stain line with green tea polyphenols

Novexpert lance une gamme antitaches aux polyphénols de thé vert

The ambition of Novexpert’s two new anti-stain products is firm and clear: to reduce stains and make the complexion radiant. Their additional assets: they are 100% natural and can be used during pregnancy, like all the brand’s products…

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Sun or age spots, melasma, ephelides, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and even age stains due to lipofuscin, no spot escapes Novexpert’s two new products. The Targeted Spot Corrector (2 ml, €19.95 or about 300 applications) is a brush that lightens spots in 28 days. It can be used by everyone, even during pregnancy, when melasma usually invites itself to the center of the face.

To develop it, Novexpert discovered the secret of palms (or soles) that are always white because they have unique fibroblasts that produce a protein called DKK1. This protein limits the growth and differentiation of melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin. Less melanin = much clearer skin, regardless of the original phototype!
Thanks to green tea polyphenols with strong antioxidant power and a botanical extract of Arabica coffee, this localized preventive and corrective treatment stimulates the production of the precious DKK1 protein, thus reducing melanin production by more than 60% to lighten the targeted areas.
These two active ingredients are combined with a host of plant and marine extracts (wheat, brown seaweed, sea lily, desert date palm, beet, etc.) and lactic acid (a gentle exfoliant).

Simply apply it to the spots once or twice a day on …

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