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pH reactive lip balms get colored!

Les baumes à lèvres pH réactifs se colorent !

Although they may tint differently depending on the pH of each mouth, these lip balms originally only came in one pinkish shade. But they were so successful that they now come in color palettes. Their composition is also much more natural (more than 90% ingredients of natural origin).

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On the borderline between makeup and skincare, color-revealing (or pH-reactive) lip balms are popular with women and men alike! Less “involving” than a lipstick, very moisturizing, they sublimate the lips while protecting them from drying out.

This summer, they become true color-infused care, adapting to all skin tones, including ethnic ones. “The natural shades of the skin and lips are different. You can have very pale skin and rosewood lips or black skin and pale pink lips. That’s why Dior Addict Lip Glow comes in a varied and inclusive palette of shades for everyone,” says Peter Philips, Dior’s creative and image director for makeup.
The brand now offers its famous lip balm in twelve shades, from plum to cherry, through bronze or delicate pink with golden highlights (Dior Addict Lip Glow, €38). Its formula is composed of 97% natural ingredients (cherry oil, shea butter, vegetable waxes…).
The Color Reviver Technology (which allows the balm to react to the humidity level of the lips to reveal a custom color and a subtle shine) ensures six hours of radiance. It can be worn alone or under a lipstick.
On the same principle, the brand also offers a nourishing oil texture that enhances …

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