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Monday, November 8, 2021Products news

Revlon's "lash dye" mascara

Le mascara "teinture de cils" de Revlon

Not only does its double action brush allow you to modulate your look according to your desires (the hourglass shape for extreme volume, the flat side to separate the lashes and obtain a panoramic effect), but its formula gradually tints the lashes!

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Fleshed-out, fanned-out lashes are the result with Revlon’s latest mascara with a dual-action brush for two types of makeup results (So Fierce!™ Big Bad Lash Mascara, starting at €10.95).

Simply twist the brush to get an hourglass shape on one side that amplifies lashes to the extreme. This same brush also allows the very fashionable and funny bad lash finish, i.e. thickened and well loaded lashes, a bit “spider legs”, especially if you multiply the layers.
On the other side, a flat brush that separates each lash to the last, in a panoramic way.
But the most original is its “lash dye” effect due to its specific natural black pigments.
Thus, “the mascara gradually tints the lashes which appear darker from seven days of application, even without make-up,” says the brand.
Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, the formula, tested under ophthalmological control, nevertheless contains care ingredients such as calendula and fortifying castor oil.

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