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Monday, February 12, 2024Products news

SVR's new water-free Xerial Body Scrub

Le nouveau Gommage Corps Xerial sans eau de SVR

Ecologically (very) correct thanks to its water-free formula, made from upcycled olive stones and grape seeds, SVR’s Xerial Body Scrub has everything to please us! And in terms of results, it’s a real SOS for rough skin!

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Xerial Gommage Corps (100 g, €16.50, available March 2024) is the first 100% natural grain body scrub from Laboratoire Dermatologique SVR.
Its minimalist, water-free formula, made with just two natural ingredients (olive stones and grape seeds from the circular economy, which could not be used in the food industry), can be applied to wet skin, alone (for a more powerful scrub) or mixed with your usual cleanser.

So you can modulate the dose and scrubbing intensity to suit your needs and desires.
The two complementary grain sizes have been designed for optimal, comfortable exfoliation. It eliminates roughness and flakiness, and is just as useful for smoothing skin as it is for applying self-tanner or preventing ingrown hairs. Like all scrubs, it boosts cell renewal by removing dead or dying cells from the skin’s surface, and bringing out young, vital cells. It enhances the penetration of active ingredients and boosts the effectiveness of skincare products applied afterwards.
The result is beautiful, silky, radiant, more luminous skin.
And last but not least, it’s more economical than conventional exfoliation!

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