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Wednesday, July 20, 2022Products news

The first solid sun cream SPF 50+ certified organic by Acorelle

La première crème solaire solide SPF 50+ certifiée bio d’Acorelle

Nomadic and eco-responsible, it is of course not intended to be spread from head to toe, but it is very practical to protect all the small sensitive areas of the face and body. Slip it into your bag or pocket so you don’t get caught unprepared!

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Packaged in a reusable and infinitely recyclable aluminum jar, Acorelle’s new certified organic SPF 50+ Solid Sunscreen Cream (30 g, €18.95) is a more ecological solution than a plastic stick.

Intended to protect all the small sensitive areas of the face and body (scars, tattoos, moles, cheekbones…), this unctuous galenic which is taken with the finger and melts on the skin will prove to be ideal for sportsmen, surfers… or in post-cosmetic surgery or post-tattoo (a claim to the rise!).

Its composition gathers without surprise mineral filters (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), a vegetable filter (not approved) of which the agenaise mark made the song (oil of karanja certified bio rich in antioxydants), oils and vegetable waxes (olive, sunflower) and an exclusive patented complex antioxydant (Api Oléo Actif containing propolis and pollen).
Without perfume, its formula adapted to the extreme conditions is highly resistant to water to be able to benefit from the nautical activities in full safety.
As a bonus, it lasts longer than a liquid product. Skin penetration tests, conducted by an independent analytical laboratory, have shown that the mineral filters used remain on the surface of the skin.

It can be used on children from …

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