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The new face of myBlend or the power of synergies

Le nouveau visage de myBlend ou le pouvoir des synergies

Created by Olivier Courtin, myBlend (Clarins group) is revising its copy and now offers not only cosmetic treatments, but also dietary supplements and high-tech tools (including a mask using LEDs). With the opening of its own spa planned for the autumn.

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The Clarins Group’s pioneering brand in personalized skincare, myBlend, launched in 2007, is reinventing itself in 2022 under the impetus of Dr. Olivier Courtin (and still formulated by Clarins Laboratories, of which he is the Director).
While he was still an orthopedic surgeon, he made a founding observation: the proper healing of his patients’ skin depends less on their age than on their lifestyle. Through observation, he realized that nerve endings were the key to the process. When they are altered by stress, pollution, and various environmental aggressions, the skin is poorly innervated and heals less well. This hypothesis will be confirmed by the research work of an internationally renowned professor.

To go further, Dr. Olivier Courtin is conducting new research in collaboration with a university team specializing in skin/brain relations and is demonstrating that nerve endings are involved in maintaining the hydration, barrier function and elasticity of the epidermis.
They are essential to the proper functioning of the skin. Buoyed by these discoveries, he created myBlend in 2007, a brand that, unlike all the others, does not position itself in terms of age but in terms of lifestyle. He imagined an original skin diagnosis that would lead to a …

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