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Wednesday, May 18, 2022Products news

The new "magic powder" from Garancia

La nouvelle "poudre magique" de Garancia

This mixology powder contains 10% pure vitamin C in its most stable form, as well as a unique plant collagen. Practical, it can be incorporated into any skin care product to get its dose of vitamin.

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Thanks to the Magic Powder Radiance and Youth The Call of the Forest of Garancia (pot 6 G for three months of use according to the mark, €26.50), one will be able from now on to profit from the virtues of the stable vitamin C continuously.

This powerful antioxidant boosts collagen and skin radiance. The body does not know how to synthesize it, it is necessary to bring it to the skin either via the food or via a topical application.
And so that the action of this vitamin is optimal, it must be integrated in the form of pure ascorbic acid, particularly unstable in time (degradation under the effect of heat and the light), except with acid pH being able to be irritating for the skin.

This is why Garancia formulated it in the form of anhydrous powder (which the mark regards as the most stable and effective form). Second innovation: the brand uses for the first time a collagen of vegetable origin (filler of wrinkles and restructuring), that is to say fragments of collagen resulting from biotechnology (expression in the form of messenger RNA in the plants), “which are the richest in proline and hydroxyproline, amino …

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