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The new Sisley Advanced Formula Ecological Emulsion

La nouvelle Émulsion Écologique Formule Avancée de Sisley

This universal and visionary skincare product (it spoke of skin ecology as early as 1980!) is revising its copy to be always ahead of its time in 2023. Its new advanced version further optimizes the skin’s homeostasis, necessary for its proper functioning and beauty.

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An international success (still number 1 in the brand’s sales), Sisley’s Ecological Emulsion has become over the years a reference that has seduced generations of users around the world.

Universal and gender-neutral (it appeals to both men and women), it revitalizes and strengthens the skin thanks to a unique combination of five plant extracts (horsetail, ginseng, rosemary, centella asiatica, hops).
At the heart of its formula is a visionary concept: skin ecology, based on the skin’s optimal balance.
On the surface of the epidermis, there is a group of micro-organisms that make up the skin’s flora, whose ecosystem is particularly complex and diversified. The balance of this ecosystem is subtle, but crucial for the “good health” of the skin.
It must not only be protected, but also regulated and stimulated. Since its launch in 1980, Sisley has worked to understand the skin’s living environment, which is now referred to as “the science of microbiota”.
The Ecological Emulsion promotes the balance of the skin’s ecosystem and thus natural immunity, allowing the skin to perform its vital functions. The deep understanding of the skin ecosystem has transformed the way we understand and optimize the physiological functioning of the skin.

Sisley …

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