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The Ordinary imagines Saccharomyces Ferments Milky Toner 30%

The Ordinary imagine le Tonique Lacté aux Ferments de Saccharomyces 30 %

This gentle yet effective exfoliating toner is formulated acid-free, using yeast fermentation technology. This makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

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The Ordinary’s 30% Saccharomyces Ferments Milky Toner (100 ml, €16.80) offers an acid-free alternative to exfoliating toners.
Its formula contains 30% Saccharomyces ferments (a variety of yeast commonly used in fermentation) and 3% fermented N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG), as well as squalane to reinforce the skin barrier and hydration.

It gently exfoliates, offers short- and long-term moisturizing properties, and also works to reduce dark spots.
The complexion becomes more even, the skin smoother and more luminous, with a more attractive texture (textural irregularities and dilated pores fade).
It’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, for an immediate boost of hydration.
“Exfoliation acts on a set of linked cells, and most exfoliating agents, like NAG and AHAs, work by targeting these structures that hold dead skin cells together. However, while AHAs break down these bound structures, NAG prevents dead cells from attaching to each other, making it easier to exfoliate dead skin,” explains Prudvi Kaka, Scientific Director of The Ordinary.

To achieve this emulsified, moisturizing texture, the laboratory opted for a micro-fluidization technology that blends ingredients such as fermented NAG and oil-soluble squalane at very high speeds, breaking the formulation down into microscopically small droplets.
This creates a stable, lightweight formulation …

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