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The weapon in the eye

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Zone of all vulnerabilities and all expectations, the eye contour area is overinvested by luxury cosmetic brands this fall. Generic or ultra-targeted treatments, muscular formulas and packaging innovations on the programme. The whole decoded by Ariane Le Febvre.

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Eye contour care is on the rise. The eye contour is one of our major concerns in September. Often more marked, crumpled and dehydrated after the holidays, it is the object of specific care increasingly personalized and… high-end (it is a leading sale of perfumery). According to the NPD Group (a market research firm), despite a general decline in the skincare segment, this is one of the rare categories to have already recorded good performances in the first half of 2013. The expectation of women is high in this area of all distress which, when tired, wrinkled or relaxed, gives a sad look to the whole face. After the BB and CC tinted special spring look creams (Dior, Hydra Life BB Eye Creme SPF 20, 6 ml, 42  2 shades ; Sephora CC Eye Cream + Corrector, 15 ml, 14,90 € ; Algotherm BB Marine Cream Eyes, 15 ml, 24,20 €), let's keep an eye on the autumn novelties, because the choice is plethoric (we counted more than 40, impossible to evoke them all !) and the prices are climbing !

Let us identify the problem…

On one side the global formulas (the most expensive) that do almost everything (wrinkles, …

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