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Thursday, June 16, 2022Products news

There is magic in the air!

Il y a de la sorcellerie dans l’air !

Esoteric treatments flirting with the world of magic, alchemical perfumes inspired by astrology or modern spirituality. The world of the marvelous gives an extra soul to beauty. Not very rational but furiously trendy…

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One of the first brands to openly recommend magic is Garancia.
With its bewitching formulas, magical powders, mysterious plumpers, diabolical creams and sulphurous pastes, the brand has risen to the top of the pharmacy world. Savéria Coste, the founder, imagines “creams that speak to the skin” and surprise the senses, with traditional botanical active ingredients (from “grandmother’s recipes” or “wizards”), patented high-tech innovations, sensorial textures and above all, a beautiful consistency.
For her (a pharmacist by training), there is no magic without science (her slogan is “the power of science and nature”).
Among other bestsellers, Mysterious Plumping Serum Ultra-Concentrated Global Anti-Aging (30 ml, € 58.90) with synthetic snake venom peptides, which has just been the subject of a new eco-responsible moult (like all the ranges), Éclair de Lune L’Absolu, a double anti-spot corrective and preventive serum (30 ml, €40.50), Diabolique Glaçon Crème Soie Cristalline (40 g, €37.50) or Sulfureuse Pâte du Marabout (100 ml, €24.90), a mysterious paste that transforms into an active purifying mousse.

Among the latest products, the Magic Radiance and Youth Powder L’Appel de la Forêt (6 g, €26.50), or a reusable and eco-designed kit for Mother’s Day, composed of 5 clean skincare products accompanied …

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