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Til, a new poetic brand dedicated to the benefits of lime tree

Til, une nouvelle marque poétique dédiée aux bienfaits du tilleul

Til is a new natural beauty brand dedicated to the most universal of natural antidotes to stress. For the first time, the “healing tree” will take care of the skin, the body and the mind at the same time, for a holistic and hedonic appeasement, with a global offer that combines care, perfume and nutri-cosmetics.

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If Til is a family business, created by three sisters in love with the land of their ancestors (in the heart of the Dordogne) where lime trees reign, the least we can say is that they know how to surround themselves!
They have entrusted the talented Francis Kurkdjian (who has just been appointed Director of perfume creation at Dior, no less!) with the creation of their perfume and Lionel de Benetti (ex-President of Clarins laboratories) with the elaboration of their skincare products (two for the face, two for the body).
Together they developed Tiliactiv 4® with soothing and regenerating properties. “While there are standard lime extracts composed essentially of flowers, the extract selected for Til is the result of multiple research undertaken by the brand on the four states of the lime tree: twigs, leaves, buds and flowers. Tests were carried out on these four elements, live and dry, with different solvents, to select those that provided the most effective molecules, whether anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant, and to combine them according to the right dosage,” says Lionel de Benetti.

This famous complex can be found in all four products, including the two cleansers with a gel texture that transforms into a …

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