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Thursday, May 2, 2024Products news

Tubing mascaras

Les mascaras "tubing"

Named because they form tiny “tubes” on each lash, these “high-definition” mascaras are very popular! Women also love them for their practicality (they can be removed with cool water).

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Tubing mascaras transform lashes thanks to a polymer-based film-forming technology that coats them with high-performance “tubes”.
Instead of painting them, these little tubes wrap each lash individually, from root to tip.

The fine brushes of these mascaras, often made of elastomer, reach right down to the shortest lashes. The make-up result is not “charging”, but very lengthening, extension-like, and the lashes are perfectly separated and defined, without clumping or smudging.
The formulas, rich in plant waxes (carnauba…), are long-lasting and ultra-light. They resist humidity and sweat, and won’t run, smudge or flake. No more raccoon eyes!

Best of all, these heat-sensitive mascaras can be easily washed off in the shower, eliminating the need for absorbent cotton.
Simply wet your fingers with lukewarm water and glide along the lashes, pinching lightly. Mascara is easily removed without irritation (even on sensitive eyes), and the fragile eye contour area is protected.

Most make-up brands distributed at Sephora offer them, such as Tarte (Tartelette XL Tubing Mascara or Tartelette Tubing Mascara, 8 ml, €29.90 each), KVD Beauty (Full Sleeve Mascara Tube Length + Definition, 8 ml, €26 or Mini 3 ml, €16), Hourglass (Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara, 10 ml, €32 or travel size €18), …

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