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Washing and exfoliating soaps for the body enhanced with upcycled coffee grounds

Des savons lavants et exfoliants pour le corps renforcés en marc de café upcyclé

Two intensities of body scrub in exfoliating surgras soaps with upcycled coffee grounds, this is the clever initiative of Yodi…

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Coffee with milk or black coffee? Creamy or intense? The morning shower takes on the air of a “skin breakfast” with the energizing scent of natural coffee with these two new Yodi body washes and scrubs that come in two different scrubbing intensities.

The first one is gentle, slightly dosed with upcycled coffee grounds and enriched with vegetable oils and organic almond milk. It is ideal for sensitive skin and daily use (Latte Scrub Exfoliating Soap 2 in 1 Body).
The second is more intense, for weekly use, with only six ingredients, including concentrated coffee grounds, coffee oil and vegetable oils of coconut and sweet almond (Café Scrub Intense 2 in 1 Exfoliating Superfatted Soap 2 in 1 Body, 80 g, €12 each).

They definitely fit all the eco-friendly criteria!
First, they are solid (so zero plastic). Then, by using a renewable resource from what’s left of the brewed coffee, they innovate in circular economy.
Their minimalist formulas (no more than 11 ingredients) are 100% natural and safe (as long as you don’t scrub like a madwoman!), free of perfume, essential oils and allergens, and even contain a prebiotic to respect the skin’s microbiota. Finally, they save time …

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