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Meeting... alcoholic at the FEBEA

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Is it to be consumed with as much moderation when it is applied to the skin, via a cosmetic, as when it is drunk, in the glass or in the bottle? In any case, there are threats to the status of ethanol in cosmetics. And it is to answer the questions they ask that the FEBEA organizes an information meeting on the subject on 29 June 2015.

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" Alcohol-free cosmetics are not an option "says the Fédération des entreprises de la beauté in its presentation of this event. " No alcohol, no perfume, or almost… ". And we can add: many other cosmetic products whose formulas would have to be reviewed rather dryly, many raw materials whose extraction processes would be dry…

Why is this ingredient used and does it seem indispensable in cosmetics? What data are available for dermal safety assessment? What changes are envisaged in its denaturing processes and what are the consequences? How to obtain ethanol? And, of course, what action has the European industry taken to defend its use in cosmetics?

To answer these questions, FEBEA brought together experts from different backgrounds for a comprehensive programme on alcohol issues. Among the speakers: - The Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Taxes (to deal with alcohol denaturation), - manufacturers : Clarins Sandrine Milesi will discuss the uses of ethanol…, - a vendor to process procurement, - a physician will chart the clinical and epidemiological evidence of alcoholism, - a sociologist will discuss the social role of alcohol, - FEBEA experts will take stock of safety and the actions taken by industry representatives…

This afternoon …

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