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Sunbeds drive anti-ageing cosmetics


A survey by Cancer Research UK (British association for the fight against cancer) shows impact of sunbed use on the fight against skin ageing. Sunbed users are twice as likely to use anti-ageing products as non-sunbed users.

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Over two fifths (43 per cent) of people in the UK who have used sunbeds – which are proven to prematurely age the skin – are using anti-ageing products. This compares with only a fifth (20 per cent) of those who have not used a sunbed, according to a new Cancer Research UK survey.

The research from the charity has been released during its sunbed awareness campaign R UV UGLY. The campaign highlights the cosmetic damage lurking beneath the skin’s surface, such as pigmentation caused by overexposure to UV from sunbeds or the sun. As well as making people look old before their time, UV rays can also damage the DNA in skin cells. This DNA damage can build up over time and lead to skin cancer.

The results also show that more than two thirds (68 per cent) of sunbed users are concerned about sunbeds ageing their skin.  A fifth (19 per cent) start to use anti-ageing products by the time they are 25, compared with just five per cent of people who don’t use sunbeds.

And when it comes to how much money people spend on anti-ageing products, sunbed users are more likely to splash the cash.  Of …

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