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Monday, March 11, 2024SCCS

Methylparaben: corrigendum to the final Opinion of the SCCS

Methylparaben : corrigendum à l'Opinion finale du CSSC

On 28 February 2024, the SCCS adopted, by written procedure, a corrigendum to its final Opinion on Methylparaben, dated 14 December 2023. It clarifies the Scientific Committee’s conclusion regarding the percentages of safe use of this preservative.

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Methylparaben (CAS No.99-76-3, EC No.202-785-7) is currently regulated as a preservative (Annex V/12 to the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009) in a concentration up to 0.4% (as acid) when used on its own or up to 0.8% for mixtures of esters (Annex V, entry 12, column g) During the call for data, stakeholders submitted scientific evidence to demonstrate the safety of Methylparaben as a preservative in cosmetic products.
The SCCS published its final Opinion in December 2023.
It stated only that “the use of Methylparaben as a preservative in cosmetic products at concentrations of up to 0.4% (expressed as acid) is safe.”

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The corrected Opinion

Following this corrigendum, the final opinion of the SCCS is now as follows.

1. In light of the data provided and taking under consideration the concerns …

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